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EU won't save the whale, as UK vote goes up the spout
Date 11/06/2010 14:57  Author webmaster  Hits 2336  Language Global

'"Save the Whale" could soon become a global catch-cry again because Britain's voice has been lost in the muddle of the talking shop that is the EU in Brussels', says UKIP MEP Nigel Farage.

"The British Government rightly opposes whaling, which makes sense, because there are so few of them," said Nigel Farage on Friday, as he recovers at home after a recent plane crash.

"However, because Britain is part of the political union in Brussels we will be forced to abstain in an upcoming vote at the International Whaling Commission."

"As it stands the EU demands a common position at these types of votes, but because Denmark, with its links to whaling countries, will vote against the British position, no common EU position can be reached. This means that all EU members on the International Whaling Commission must abstain. This would clear the field for whaling nations like Japan to ram through for a resumption of whaling."

Save the Whale - Save UK Foreign Policy

"If this whaling move shows us anything, it is that EU membership ties the hands of the British Government and people when they should be making independent ethical and foreign policy decisions." added Mr Farage, MEP for England South East.

"Knowing this poor situation, UKIP policy is: Save the whales, save UK Foreign policy - leave the EU."