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EU Army spells the end of UK Sovereignty - Mike Hookem MEP
Date 03/05/2016 11:07  Author webmaster  Hits 2527  Language Global
UKIP defence spokesman blasts EU’s "ultimate plan" to bring “patchwork” of national European armies under combined EU command

Press Release

UKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has blasted EU plans revealed in the Financial Times to push ahead with the “ultimate plan” for an EU army saying, “to lose control of our army to the EU would be the end of sovereignty in the UK.”

Mr Hookem spoke out after the Financial Times published leaked documents that spelled out how the EU commission planned “further integration” of Europe’s armed forces to bring the “patchwork of army’s in Europe” under one command, which has been drawn up at Germany’s insistence.

Speaking from Brussels, MEP Mike Hookem said:

“When you look at the command structures, logistics and forces already under EU command, it comes as no shock the EU commission has bowed to German demands for a combined EU army.

“While we have had the EU High Command, and many other staff structures for many years, we have seen a determined push towards real assets coming directly under EU command since Jean-Claude Junker became president.

“You only have to look at how slowly and quietly the armed forces of the Netherland’s have been subsumed by the German armed forces to see the creeping reality of how the EU aim to take over military and security structures throughout Europe.

“It is typical of the EU to make these sovereignty threatening decisions behind closed doors, and then to gradually implement them before finally presenting the desired outcome as a fait accomplice to the people of Europe.

“And don’t for one second think that the UK will have an opt out on this issue, as David Cameron and the traditional parties have neither the political will nor clout in Europe to defend our armed forces from becoming one part of a far-reaching European military structure.

“However, I find it totally duplicitous and cowardly that David Cameron and the EU don’t have the guts to tell the British people of their true intentions before the referendum on 23rd June. This is an issue that not only affects our way of life but the very core of UK sovereignty.

“The only way to stop this disastrous amalgamation is for the British people to vote leave.”

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