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Nigel Farage: The only thing we haven't heard yet...
Date 01/03/2016 19:32  Author webmaster  Hits 1783  Language Global
...is how leaving the EU would bring a plague of locusts upon us

by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP (Breitbart)

As the EU referendum campaign heads into week two I can scarcely believe my eyes and my ears.

The government, from the Prime Minister down, are using the kind of Project Fear tactics that I might have expected to see them using in the last fortnight.

I can only suppose that the Prime Minister was deeply shocked by Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and as many as 140 Tory MPs backing the Leave side.

He has clearly decided to try and kill off the Leave campaign by firing off the whole magazine of rounds at once.
Yesterday we heard that it might take up to ten years to sort out new trading arrangements. Perhaps this kind of hopeless scaremongering will extend to a hundred years by the time June 23rd comes along.

Quite why the Prime Minister thinks we’re so incapable to negotiate our own trade deals, that we couldn’t even do as well as Iceland, is beyond me.

Then we hear that all UK citizens living in Spain will be rounded up, put on trains and expelled. I imagine this kind of fantasy would have a rather devastating effect on the local Spanish economy on the Costa del Sol.

At the G20, where extraordinarily sixteen countries have managed to become members without the benefits or Mr. Juncker’s often unsteady hand, we see a joint statement telling us that our withdrawal from political union would lead to a global economic shock.

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