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Unemployed Brits' chances of finding work dashed by Brussels scheme
Date 25/02/2016 12:38  Author webmaster  Hits 3187  Language Global
UKIP Press Release

The European Parliament today, 25.02.2016, voted through legislation which expands and strengthens EURES, a scheme that requires UK Job Centre Plus to put all jobs publically advertised with them on to an EU wide recruitment website and allows private employment services to apply to join EURES.

Jane Collins MEP and UKIP employment spokeswoman commented:

"This expanded EURES agreement means every man and his dog can apply for a job in Britain and Job Centre Plus is obliged to advertise all vacancies to half a billion people.

"So not only are we seeing jobs on tax payer funded websites demanding that painters and decorators speak fluent Polish and estate agents speak Romanian as part of a clever tax swizz for big development companies, we are now making life even harder for unemployed British people desperate to find a job."

The First Reading legislation was passed in the European Parliament today with 576 in favour, 56 Against and 21 Abstentions.

As the passed amendments were an agreed compromise of both the European Parliament and the European Council it is sure to pass through the Council.

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