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Another defeat by Cameron shows he will never win fundamental reforms on EU membership
Date 25/11/2015 13:01  Author webmaster  Hits 1771  Language Global
"Cameron will never win fundamental reforms on the UK's EU membership as latest defeat demonstrates" - UKIP MEP Jane Collins

UKIP Press Release

UKIP Employment spokeswoman Jane Collins has responded to claims from a European diplomat that the British government plans to drop demands for a welfare curb on EU workers describing it as "another defeat for British interests by our own Prime Minister who has proved that he cannot win a battle against fundamentalist EU ideology."

Speaking from Strasbourg, Mrs Collins said:

"Mr Cameron has insisted that reform of the EU is possible but the evidence shows it is not: Brussels has knocked back every attempt by the government to win real reforms and they will continue to do so because as we hear in Strasbourg today, they want MORE Europe, not less.

"There is no way we will be able to limit EU workers' rights because to do so would require treaty change. We can't even control our borders from terrorists because of Brussels rules.

"So when it comes to a referendum on our membership of the EU voters need to decide whether they want to subsidise businesses employing cheap migrant Labour or whether they want to be able to put British people first."

The Prime Minister had wanted to block EU migrants from claiming in work benefits at a summit next month but sources close to negotiations said that the proposal to ban EU migrants from claiming tax credits and child benefits for four years "does not fly".

The UKIP MEP, whose region includes workers who have lost their jobs at Tata steel in Rotherham and Scunthorpe, said she anticipated the Prime Minister "would be told by EU leaders to ask for some watered down, cosmetic changes to EU membership in order for him to claim victory to voters without the EU having to give up any of their power."

Cameron ‘to drop welfare curb on EU workers’