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Nigel Farage on Buzek's reprimand and 'EU nationalism'
Date 11/12/2009 12:18  Author UKIPmeps  Hits 4708  Language Global

Nigel Farage is interviewed (Dec. 9) by Eric King on King World News, taking off from his being reprimanded (video) by the European Parliament's president, Jerzy Buzek, for his "tone" and "certain expressions", and exposing what happened when he was later called up to the president's office.

In this interview Nigel Farage also speaks about the imposition of the Lisbon treaty, the developing EU state, the suppression of freedom and the global CO2 scam. He announces for the frist time that the highly respected climate scam debunker, Lord Christopher Monckton, has just joined UKIP.


"What happened here is I was actually reprimanded for giving that speech by the president of the parliament," Nigel Farage told Eric King. "I was told that what I said was unacceptable; that I needed to tone it down; that I was upsetting people. And then when that debate had finsihed, I got back to my office and there was a demand to go to the president's office at 5 p.m. which reminded me of going to the headmaster's study when I was in trouble at school. So I traipsed off to the headmaster's study and met him and sat for what I would call an interview without coffee, you know, they weren't being too nice to me. And I was just told - 'look, we don't want you speaking like this, it's not acceptable.'

"I said, well look I've been democratically elected, surely I can say what I want, and I don't think I said anything there that was politically unacceptable, that was rude, that was unparliamentary - and he looked at me and he said, 'but you called them pygmies' to which I replied well they're not exactly giants are they? In future I shall call them Lilliputians.

"But let's think about this seriously. We're talking here about a parliament which is - now that it's got its Lisbon treaty in force; now that it's got the powers that it wants - is starting to say that other poitical views and opinions are unacceptble. I think history tells us that when regimes write off those that are opposed to them; say that they're mentally ill - which I've been called publicly, recently, several times by senior European politicians. I was once compared by the leader of the socialist group - he said I was behaving like Hitler in the Reischtag. This is what these people are sinking to. They don't believe there should be a democratic alternative and that is why I now believe that this European Union has become a very, very dangerous thing. It is crushing democracy; it is killing nation states, and I am very, very fearful for my children's future if we can't sort this out democratically."

"It is extraordinary," Mr Farage goes on, "the president of the European Parliament, Mr Buzek, comes from Poland. Up till 20 years ago he was living in a country that didn't have democratic elections; he was living in a country that was under direct Soviet rule. It beggars belief that he can't see that what he is now doing is exactly the very same thing that the Soviet Union did to Poland for 40 years after WWII." 

Referring to the establishment of the new EU State, complete with flag and anthem, Mr Farage said that "it is quite extrordinary just how far this whole thing has gone, and interestingly a lot of it is driven by a new phenomenon... What is now driving this Euroepan project and why it is now ignoring No votes and referendums, denying democracy; why it is doing its best to howl down, to stop, to eliminate people like me, is because what we're now dealing with is a new kind of nationalism: 'EU nationalism'. And I personally believe that it is incredibly dangerous."

Asked about comparisons between the European Union and the former Soviet Union, Mr Farage said, "I do think that the European union is now beginning to show strong signs of resemblance with what was the Soviet Union. We haven't got a politburo, but we have a commission; we're beginning to crack down on anybody that has an alternative opinion; we are insular; we are protectionist, ...[the EU] is statist, it believes that we must regulate absolutely everything that moves... It is the victory of bureaucracy over democracy and it will lead, I predict confidently, to tyranny, unless we the people are able to assert ourselves. And Britain's got to give the lead in this. We've got to force our own politicians in Britain into giving us a referendum on this issue."

 Listen to the whole interview on King World News (Duration: 42:19) 

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