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Get tough and defend our borders and cities - Nigel Farage
Date 29/06/2015 02:02  Author webmaster  Hits 1810  Language Global
By UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, for The Mail On Sunday

The events of Friday proved what many of us had feared for so long. We face one of the biggest threats to our way of life and our civilisation that we have ever seen.

Our approach to this issue and our behaviour needs to change right now.

I was considering going to Kenya this summer as a keen deep-sea angler but have taken the view that it is just not safe. I suspect tens of thousands of other British citizens will now be reviewing their travel plans for the summer as well.

Decisions such as this are easy. But what is more worrying is the threat which in some cases is already on our shores and, if we are not careful, will be added to by the human tide that is coming across the Mediterranean.

I have been arguing for some months in the European Parliament that the EU’s Common Asylum Policy is a terrible mistake. It sets the terms for who qualifies so broadly that it says to anyone in Africa: ‘If you come, you can stay.’

Already Northern European countries are saying no to Commission President Juncker’s idea that the burden should be shared by member states.

The numbers involved have the potential to mark an exodus from Africa of biblical proportions.

In the UK, the Government comforts us by saying we are opted-out of this scheme. But as events in Calais last week show, it is entirely possible for illegal immigrants to get to Britain. If they do, their chances of being caught are slim and if they are caught the likelihood is that they won’t be deported.

It is time to get tough and defend our borders properly. We must put in place a checking system at Dover for every car and lorry coming into the UK. The utopian dream of free movement has hit the buffers.

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