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Conservatives vote for compulsory EU-wide advertising of British jobs and benefits
Date 23/06/2015 13:04  Author webmaster  Hits 10121  Language Global
UKIP condemns move by Conservative MEPs to have all UK jobs advertised across the EU

Press Release

UKIP MEPs Jane Collins and Tim Aker said today: "UKIP is appalled that Conservative MEPs are supporting legislation which would make it compulsory for all British jobs, apprenticeships and training programmes to appear on a European Commission website aimed at workers across the EU.

"The website, called EURES, tells anyone in the EU who wants to work in the UK that there are 850 Eurocrat advisers available to them 'to provide information, advice and recruitment/placement (job-matching) services' in Britain.

"The amendment which Cameron's Conservatives have tabled says that any job, apprenticeship or training programme advertised in the UK be put into this EURES system.

"The website also gives information on British welfare benefits available to foreign workers looking for jobs in the UK. It is bad enough that such a website exists. What is appalling is the Conservative MEPs support advertising more British jobs to the whole of the EU.

"The Tories clearly don't believe in controlling immigration. Only UKIP is on the side of British workers."

The vote took place this morning [video, from 09:30:35] in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.  It is legislative, 1st Reading.

The first part of Conservative Amendment 106 was passed, the second part was not:

Amendment 106
Anthea McIntyre 
[MEP, Conservative Party, ECR group]
Proposal for a regulation
Recital 18 a (new)

(18a) All job vacancies made publicly available should be published on the EURES portal, in accordance with the Member State's own practice.

However, in order to ensure appropriate vacancies are published, employers can choose not to have a vacancy published on the EURES portal based on employers undertaking an objective assessment of the skills and competence required to perform the job.

Final Committee vote on the Report – 44 For, 5 Against, 5 Abstentions. Tory MEP Anthea McIntyre held up thumb to signify vote in favour.

UKIP (Jane Collins) had tabled 27 amendments to EURES:

1. Amendment 65: Deletes text calling for more a coordinated approach on labour mobility, the need for EURES at all, and that national coordination offices assist job seekers through EURES.

2. Amendment 69: Deletes text calling for EURES structure at EU level and the EURES "job mobility portal"

3. Amendment 72: Deletes text calling for creation of coordination offices to support EURES and deal with problems, complaints and support services.

4. Amendment 82: Deletes text calling for EURES to be the main tool used by national governments and Commission to open up labour mobility.

5. Amendment 96: Deletes text calling for more info on labour mobility to be given to workers through EU portals

6. Amendment 154: Delete text stating that Member States cannot achieve labour mobility, it mustbe decided at EU level and more EU measures should be adopted

7. Amendment 156: Deletes text giving power of delegated acts to Commission

8. Amendment 160: Deletes text giving implementing powers to Commission

9. Amendment 188: Reduces to scope of proposal - deletes text referring to apprenticeships and traineeships being advertised on EURES

10. Amendment 223: Deletes text stating that all organisations operating within EURES should promote Labour mobility

11. Amendment 252: Deletes text referring to establishing an online portal for EURES for exchange of job vacancies, CVs etc.

12. Amendment 353: Deletes text regarding authorising organisations to participate in EURES

13. Amendment 373: Delete text stating that any employment organisation has the right to apply to join EURES

14. Amendment 384: Delete text allowing Commission to use delegated acts

15: Amendment 390: Delete text allowing Commission to use implementing acts to set description and procedures for sharing information on national systems between Member States

16. Amendment 447: Delete text stating that Member States set up one-stop-shop solutions for workers and employers regarding EURES

17. Amendment 451: Delete entire article 14 - relating setting up of EURES IT systems and the requirement to advertise all national publically advertised jobs on EURES

18. Amendment 497: Delete entire article 16 - relating to the Automated matching through the common IT platform

19. Amendment 592: Delete requirement to advertise EURES

20. Amendment 609: Delete text stating public employment services (PES) shall make agreements with PES in other Member States, promote the use of EURES and share information on support services

21. Amendment 625: Delete entire article 23 - relating to access to information and services on social security

22. Amendment 641: Delete text stating that Member states cannot limit access to their national labour market

23. Amendment 642: Amend text to say Member States MAY restrict access to their national Labour market

24. Amendment 653: Delete text from sentence requiring Member States to look in to how Labour mobility can address unemployment

25. Amendment 659: Delete requirement for Member states to develop labour mobility policies

26. Amendment 665: Delete text giving Commission implementing acts

27: Amendment 689: Delete entire article 33 - relating to allowing Commission to use delegated acts

Amendments 45 - 350
Commission proposal on EURES
What can EURES do for you?
(Commission website)