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David Cameron is whistling in the wind with pitiful EU reform attempts
Date 20/06/2015 13:52  Author webmaster  Hits 1890  Language Global
The Prime Minister is likely only to secure very minor changes such as on benefits rules, which have been pre-agreed with other European leaders as a crumb off the table - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP

By Nigel Farage, MEP

The next big European Council meeting comes on Thursday next week when the Prime Minister will make his first big formal attempt to put forward his so-called reform agenda to other European premiers.

I’ll be over there in Brussels myself but I’m not expecting much and here's why.

There are three major factors of particular significance that mean the Cameron agenda is going nowhere fast.

The first is the continuing disaster unfolding in Greece.

With great human suffering continuing as the country remains locked inside the Euro, we have the spectacle of the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras at loggerheads with the IMF, with neither side looking as if they are going to back down.  

Frankly the situation looks as if it will be impossible to resolve and I am certain that Grexit is now on the horizon.

Compromise between Greece and the IMF is totally impossible when the two sides are more concerned with abusing one another.

The other major factor occupying European leaders is the humanitarian crisis and I would argue, terrorist threat, when it comes to the huge number of migrants risking their lives in crossing the Mediterranean in order to reach the shores of Europe.

Tens of thousands of migrants are now entering Greece and Italy, with the latter threatening to grant all of those migrants temporary settlement so that they can then leave for other surrounding countries, of which I’m sure Britain would be one.

As I keep saying, this represents a huge potential security risk given that these boats are coming across from Libya, a country increasingly controlled by Islamic State.

There is a very real danger that some of those coming across on these boats wish do to Britain great harm indeed and is a huge problem that is simply not going to go away anytime soon.

The third and final factor that is going to scupper any sort of radical reform whatsoever is the disturbing attitude of those driving this EU project forward.

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