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Memo to President Schulz
Date 11/06/2015 21:48  Author webmaster  Hits 1841  Language Global
"I will now wait patiently for my inevitable invitation for a meeting (without coffee)," writes Roger Helmer.

Roger Helmer MEP, Head of UKIP Delegation in the European Parliament wrote the following letter to Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, concerning Vice President Ildikó Gall-Pelcz's disregard for parliamentary rules on Wednesday, June 10th.

Dear President Schulz,

Yesterday at around 17:30 in the Hemicycle, the EFDD Group invoked Rule 191 to call for a suspension of the sitting, as it was entitled to do.  The objective was to draw attention to our concerns over the delay in debating TTIP, which as you know is of great interest to millions across the EU.

Vice President Ildikó Gall-Pelcz, who was chairing the Session, failed to put the issue to an immediate vote, as she was required to do under Rule 191.  She deliberately prevaricated for around ten minutes, calling two speakers against the motion.  She then suspended the session for thirty minutes, without taking a vote.

I approached her immediately after the suspension and I asked her if she knew that she was in breach of the rules.  She replied “Yes”

We have here a Vice President of the European parliament consciously and deliberately breaking the rules of the House in order to take a partisan position against a political group.  This is clearly unacceptable.  I am writing to you now, therefore, to ask what disciplinary action you propose to take against Vice-President Gall-Pelcz.

I believe it is your duty as President of this parliament to demonstrate that this is a rules-based institution, and that deliberate breaches of the rules cannot be ignored.  I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely


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