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EU regulation will see rat population soar
Date 24/05/2010 19:14  Author webmaster  Hits 2194  Language Global
Britain's rat population is set to soar after meddling EU lawmakers produced a draft regulation to govern the number and type of rodenticides that can be used across Europe.

UKIP MEP and Party Chairman Paul Nuttall said today: "The EU is opening up a Pandora's Box of problems by its demand to restrict the number of rodenticides that people can use.

"In my time at the European Parliament, I've seen a lot of rats and I'm interested in seeing them wiped out. They are a nuisance and harmful to both humans and our built environment. Therefore I support in general the stance of the Agricultural Industries Confederation which opposes the current EU proposal.

"UKIP will be voting against the EU proposal in its present form."

Mr Nuttall likens the proposed new regulations to the disastrous EU directives on biofuels, which led to increased grain prices as farmers gave over land to fuel rather than food production and the nonsense attempts to force greengrocers into selling a certain shape of banana.

"As an ardent Eurosceptic, even I am surprised that the EU is seeking to bring in measures which will effectively increase the rat population. But given its terrible track record on biofuels and bendy bananas, at this stage, nothing about the EU should surprise me.

"To know how the EU works is to hate it."