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British police and judges powerless against EU injustice
Date 24/05/2010 06:13  Author webmaster  Hits 5004  Language Global
European Arrest Warrant logo•  UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass has heavily criticised the shambolic treatment of a Birmingham City supporter who will serve two years in a Portuguese jail following a trial described a ‘travesty of justice’.

Garry Mann will now serve a two-year sentence for a crime he swears he did not commit despite British judges, British police and Fair Trials International condemning the sentence.

Mr Mann, a 52-year-old former firefighter from Faversham in Kent, was accused of having taken part in a riot during the Euro 2004 tournament.

Both Mike Nattrass MEP and the Earl of Dartmouth MEP say the sentence is unjust as the EU’s European Arrest Warrant left British police and judges powerless to act against sending Mr Mann to a Portuguese prison.

Commenting this week, Mike Nattrass said: “I am appalled by this whole situation and I agree with the Earl of Dartmouth and Fair Trials International that the trial was a travesty of justice.

“We no longer have control over who is taken from our country by the European Union. Our legal system is over-ruled by the EU.

“Mr Mann is a father-of-six and my thoughts are with his family. As a result of the European Arrest Warrant Mr Mann is now being dragged away from his family. It is just deplorable.

“European Arrest Warrants were instigated by the European Union, were supported by our three main parties in the European Parliament and were opposed by UKIP.

“The Warrants are supposed to be used as a tool to combat terrorism but Mr Mann’s case clearly shows the problems with the EU’s fast-track system.”

The Earl of Dartmouth said: “(The European Arrest Warrant) was supposed to be an important weapon in the war against terrorism. Instead it is being used to drag people from home and family to face trial and punishment in foreign lands for minor offences.

“What is shocking is that our judges are forced to admit there is nothing they can do faced with this Arrest Warrant.

“I call on this new Government to put an immediate stop on the use of this warrant until it can be looked at again.

“It may still be an important part of the work in tracking down terrorists or serious criminals but not for lesser crimes which should be handled in our own courts.”

Jago Russell, Chief Executive of Fair Trials International, said: “There is no justice in this man being torn from his home and family and sent to Portugal to serve a two-year sentence imposed after a grossly unfair trial.”