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Brussels-Strasbourg shuttling will never stop, says Hollande
Date 27/04/2015 17:42  Author webmaster  Hits 2009  Language Global
"This proves how powerless the European Parliament is," says UKIP MEP as French president insists parliament must go on sitting once a month in Strasbourg
Hollande insists parliament will "never" stop its £82m monthly shuttle between Brussels and Strasbourg, another reason for UK to leave EU says UKIP

Press release
William Dartmouth, UKIP MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, said:  "Obviously having the parliament and their staff, as well as senior members of the European Commission and their staff, moving to the eastern edge of France 12 times a year is an absurdity."
"The declaration by French President François Hollande yesterday that 'never will France authorise any modification of any kind' to the treaty arrangement shows that any serious change is impossible because of the French."

"The powerless and pointless European Parliament is so weak it cannot even initiate legislation or choose where it will sit. It must bow to the least popular French president in history, even though the monthly trek by the European Parliament from Brussels to Strasbourg is a gigantic waste of at least £82m a year."
"This waste is yet another reason for the UK to leave the EU as soon as possible," said Dartmouth.
Total estimate for the numbers of people who shift to Strasbourg each month is 15,000. This includes MEPs, 3,000 to 4,000 staff, European Commissioners and staff, lobbyists and journalists, some of whose expenses are paid by the parliament.


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