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New figures show 576% rise in poorest Europeans registering for work in Britain
Date 08/03/2015 14:01  Author webmaster  Hits 1389  Language Global
To stop this UKIP wants to leave the EU, introduce a moratorium on low-skilled labour, support new technologies that determine migration flows, and apply an Australian-style points system to control skilled immigration - UKIP Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP

Official figures show 187,370 Romanians and Bulgarians were given National Insurance numbers over the course of 2014 after immigration rules were relaxed, up from 27,700 during the previous year.

This represented a 576 per cent increase in the numbers of migrants from the two most deprived countries in the European Union who registered to work or receive state benefits in the space of just 12 months.​

Responding to this UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe said: "These figures are the result of the politically driven migration policies of the Labour and Conservative parties who are determined to follow a European integrationist agenda at all costs.

"The outcome is a UK labour market which ‎is not fair to British workers, who experience wage compression caused by competition from workers from the poorest east European countries.

"To stop this UKIP wants to, one, leave the EU, two, introduce a moratorium on low-skilled labour for five years, and three, support new technologies to count those going in and out of this country.

"We also propose an Australian-style points system – a measured and proven method of controlling skilled immigration - as part of our fair and ethical manifesto pledge on migration.

‎"This is UKIP's answer to stopping the inexorable rise in east European economic immigration into the UK. Voters have to ask the other political parties to come clean about theirs"