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15 JAN 2015: Jonathan Arnott:
Genuine debate cancelled in
some European Parliament
sessions (Point of Order)

15 JAN 2015: Bill Etheridge:
Watching over tens of thousands
of civil servants (Bluecard question
to ECR MEP Marias)

14 JAN 2015: Jonathan Arnott:
Developing countries: Breaking
down trade barriers is more
helpful than aid

14 JAN 2015: James Carver:
Nigeria: Further Western military
intervention will solve nothing
(Bluecard question to Socialist MEP

14 JAN 2015: Bill Etheridge:
Facing the backlash with stronger
border controls (Bluecard question
to Socialist MEP Ana Gomes)

14 JAN 2015: Diane James:
Sketchy Catch-the-Eye Rules at
the European Parliament (Point
of Order, 13.01.2015)

14 JAN 2015: James Carver:
Support for a return to the Nigerian
rotating presidency (Bluecard
question to Greens MEP Jean Lambert)

14 JAN 2015: James Carver:
Perceived 'EU Superpower': The
lunatics have taken over the

14 JAN 2015: James Carver:
The EU or the West unlikely to
be any more successful in
Nigeria than they've been

14 JAN 2015: Bill Etheridge: A
'superpower' is what the EU
must surely never be (Bluecard
question to United Left MEP Iglesias)

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