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14 JAN 2015: Jonathan Arnott:
Zero chance for Labour to end
zero-hours contracts (Bluecard
question to Labour MEP Glenis

14 JAN 2015: Bill Etheridge:
Equality legislation is wrongly
focused - Bill Etheridge MEP
(Bluecard question to socialist MEP
Garcia Perez)

14 JAN 2015: Jonathan Arnott:
EU making things harder for
consumers and small
businesses (Bluecard question to
EPP MEP del Castillo)

14 JAN 2015: Paul Nuttall: An old,
tired and out of date European

13 JAN 2015: Gerad Batten:
Cameron's open-border policy
ensures Turkish route into Europe

13 JAN 2015: Steven Woolfe:
Rescue operations are unwittingly
serving human traffickers (Bluecard
question to Socialist group president
Gianni Pittella MEP)

13 JAN 2015: Jonathan Arnott:
Military intervention will only
worsen situation in Libya
(Bluecard question to Socialist MEP
Ana Gomes)

13 JAN 2015: James Carver:
Dealing with the humanitarian
crises largely caused by European
leaders (Bluecard question to EPP
MEP Lars Adaktusson)

13 JAN 2015: James Carver:
Wider political elements are
involved in the supply of arms
in Libya
(Bluecard question to EPP
MEP Lorenzo Cesa)

13 JAN 2015: James Carver:
Blood-soaked EU vanity has led
to murder and chaos in Libya

13 January 2015
04-13 January 2015

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