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13 JAN 2015: Bill Etheridge:
Western intervention has made
things much worse

13 JAN 2015: Jonathan Arnott:
EU interference in national
politics is unacceptable

13 JAN 2015: Bill Etheridge:
Dissipating our national
resources across the Debt Union
(Bluecard question to socialist MEP
Maria Joao Rodrigues)

13 JAN 2015: Nigel Farage:
Should British taxpayers be
paying for child benefit in
Warsaw, Mr Tusk?

13 JAN 2015: Paul Nuttall: Best
way to fight terrorism is to reinstate
national border controls (Bluecard
question to Liberal group leader

13 JAN 2015: David Coburn: Best
thing for Greece is to leave the
euro (Bluecard question to Greek
Leftist MEP Papadimoulis)

13 JAN 2015: Steven Woolfe,
Nathan Gill, David Coburn and
Stuart Agnew: No debate on
GMO crops, just an EU power
grab (Explanations of Vote)

13 JAN 2015:Steven Woolfe:
Another EU Directive that impacts
the people (Bluecard question to
Socialist MEP Paolucci)

13 JAN 2015: Bill Etheridge:
Democratic deficit at EU level
(Bluecard question to Dutch MEP
Olaf Stuger)

13 JAN 2015: Stuart Agnew:
Contradictory amendments under
one bloc-vote (Bluecard question to
Green MEP Staes)

04-13 January 2015

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