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German court suspends bailout super-committee
Date 28/10/2011 18:01  Author webmaster  Hits 911  Language Global
• 28 OCT 2011

By Honor Mahony | EUobserver (German court suspends key parliament committee)

BRUSSELS - The work of a special committee designed to speed up Berlin's decisions on the use of the eurozone bailout fund has been suspended after complaints about its legality.

Due to have started work on Friday (28 October), the nine-person committee was instead issued with a temporary injunction by Germany's constitutional court in Karlsruhe.

"The second senate of the Constitutional Court has decided ... that until a full decision is taken, the Bundestag's right of participation may not be replaced by the new committee,” the Court said in statement.

The move followed a complaint by two social democrat deputies that having a special committee - rather than the plenary or budget committee - take budget decisions is in breach of the country's constitution.

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