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Merkel warns of war in Europe if the euro fails
Date 27/10/2011 14:36  Author webmaster  Hits 1604  Language Global
• 27 OCT 2011

By Macer Hall | Daily Express (GERMANY WARNS OF WAR IN EUROPE)

GERMANY issued a chilling warning yesterday that war could again engulf Europe, as a summit to save the euro descended into chaos.

Concerned about the consequences of a failure to deal with the crisis in the eurozone, German Chancellor Angela ­Merkel raised the spectre of military conflict.

“What is good for Europe is good for Germany,” she said.

“Another half century of peace and prosperity in Europe is not to be taken for granted. If the euro fails, Europe fails. We have a ­ historical obligation: To protect by all means Europe’s unification process begun by our forefathers after ­centuries of hatred and blood spill. None of us can foresee what the consequences would be if we were to fail.

“It cannot be that some time in the future they say the political generation responsible for Europe in the second decade of the 21st century has failed in the face of history.”

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