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Nick Clegg: I`ll halt EU power fight
Date 26/10/2011 13:49  Author webmaster  Hits 867  Language Global
• 26 OCT 2011

By Macer Hall | Daily Express

THE Coalition war over Europe deepened yesterday when Nick Clegg vowed to crush any Tory attempt at bringing powers back from Brussels to Westminster.

In a provocative outburst, the Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister pledged to wreck any “smash-and-grab raid” against the European Union, insisting: “I am not going to let that happen.”

Nick Clegg’s intervention, following the failed attempt in the Commons to trigger a referendum on Britain’s EU membership, was being seen last night as an attempt to humiliate David Cameron and exploit the Tory split over Europe.

He added: “This Government, of which I’m the Deputy Prime Minister, is not going to launch some sort of dawn raid, some smash-and-grab raid on Brussels.”

He accused Tory rebels, who backed the referendum bid in Monday’s historic vote, of “playing Russian roulette with people’s jobs”. Mr Clegg added: “It won’t work, it will be condemned to failure.

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