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Politicians have betrayed public over vote on EU
Date 25/10/2011 13:10  Author webmaster  Hits 957  Language Global
• 25 OCT 2011

Daily Express

REMEMBER the spring referendum on Alternative Voting?

Nobody wanted it except for the Lib Dems and the whole event was met with massive, yawning indifference by the public.

Yet it went ahead anyway.

Contrast this with the enthusiasm for a referendum on our membership of the EU.

In the past few months half a million voters have added their names to the Downing Street e-petition and supported the Daily Express crusade.

Yet our political leaders have each and every one betrayed the public, ignored their wishes and failed to honour binding promises.

How can a referendum purely concerned with the details of how we cast our ballot compare with a plebiscite on the very future of our democracy and national sovereignty?

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