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What Europe really thinks about the EU
Date 24/10/2011 17:19  Author webmaster  Hits 950  Language Global
• 24 OCT 2011

By James Gillespie | Daily Express

AS MPs debate whether we should have a referendum on the European Union, we report on what other member states believe.


The ideological and economic powerhouse of the European dream, Germany has suddenly found itself beset by doubts – particularly about the euro.

Taxpayers in Europe’s top economy are sick of having to pay the biggest share into the euro bailout packages and a recent poll by the German Marshall Fund found only 48 per cent now backed the single currency and 50 per cent want the deutschmark back.

“Germans are fed up with stumping up for what they see as profligate countries such as Greece that have failed to undertake the hard economic reforms Germany has,” said Claire Demesmay, from the German Council on Foreign Relations.

“In the Germans’ popular imagination until now Europe had a very positive image but now there is a feeling that the Germans have made painful reforms and the others have not.”

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