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EU governance causing failure of EU`s 10-year-plan, says Europhile report
Date 20/10/2011 13:43  Author webmaster  Hits 1165  Language Global
• 20 OCT 2011

EurActiv (Poor governance sinks 'Europe 2020' strategy: Report)

EU governance is blowing the 'Europe 2020' strategy off course, emphasising economic growth at the expense of citizens, according to a new paper on the first European semester presented by Green MEPs yesterday (19 October).
The report, unveiled at a seminar in the European Parliament, examined how the semester results tallied with the EU’s 2020 strategy.

The findings showed that the EU will miss its 75% employment target by up to 2.6%, fall short of its target of 3% expenditure of GDP on research and that member states will fail to attain its 2020 goal of a 20% improvement in energy efficiency.

Flagships have disappeared over the horizon

In addition education and poverty targets will also be missed, these targets are not implemented by all countries and are not comprehensive enough, the report says.

It claims that the Commission’s Annual Growth Survey (AGS) uses too many benchmarks, and that there are too many overlaps and inconsistencies in its contents.

The consolidation of public finances has become the only serious priority, according to the report’s compilers, who said that the AGS sidelines the 2020 strategy, scarcely mentioning education, climate change and energy targets.

The EU’s seven 2020 ‘flagships’ have completely disappeared from view in the AGS, they say.

There is no internal consistency in the AGS, the report finds, claiming that top performers in some categories – such as Sweden and the Netherlands in education – are treated equally with laggard countries, such as Ireland and Slovakia.

It claims that the Council, which represents the 27 EU member states, dilutes its recommendations and in some cases deletes them from the final report for political purposes, such as references to congestion in the Netherlands.

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