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`We must plan our exit`
Date 17/10/2011 17:00  Author webmaster  Hits 1184  Language Global

• 17 OCT 2011

By Macer Hall | Daily Express

BRITAIN needs an emergency exit strategy from the European Union to encourage economic recovery and create jobs, a think-tank report will say.

An onslaught of taxes, red-tape and bureaucracy from Brussels threatens to suffocate the UK’s economic growth, claims the business expert who has written the document.

David Cameron should begin talks for Britain to leave the EU within five years, the report insists.

The call comes in a pamphlet from the social policy think-tank Civitas written by Ian Milne, the director of Euro-sceptic group Global Britain.

Mr Milne said: “The feeling is growing we should withdraw from the EU, and rightly so. It is about time our politicians got to grips with exactly what membership means.”

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