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Lib Dems demand crisis talks over Tory u-turn on climate change
Date 09/10/2011 15:57  Author webmaster  Hits 1271  Language Global
• 09 OCT 2011

By Tim Shipman | Mail Online

One of the more interesting developments of an otherwise dull party conference season was George Osborne's decision to announce a go slow on Britain's reduction of carbon emissions.

The plot thickened when David Cameron - who once hugged huskies in the quest to go green - made not one mention of the politics of climate change during his conference speech.

This has sent a warming glow through the ranks of the right. Both Tim Montgomerie at ConservativeHome and Fraser Nelson have latched on to the Osborne speech as a key moment.

To paraphrase Rachel Sylvester's excellent phrase, no one is asking you to vote blue to go green now that we are in the red.

So far the Liberal Democrats have kept quiet about this.

But I can reveal there is rumbling disquiet in the yellow ranks and private demands for crisis talks on what the heck the Chancellor was playing at.

Mr Osborne told the Tory conference that Britain will not put British firms at a disadvantage by cutting carbon emissions faster than other countries.

Senior Lib Dems accused Mr Osborne of peddling ‘red meat’ for his party faithful that risks contradicting government policy, since the Government has enshrined in law a pledge to cut carbon emissions by 30 per cent by 2020.

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