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Scrapped... human rights that protect foreign crooks
Date 04/10/2011 15:12  Author webmaster  Hits 939  Language Global
• 04 OCT 2011

By Martyn Brown | Daily Express

TOUGH new powers will make it easier for foreign criminals to be kicked out of Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May will announce today.

She is to tear up a key part of human rights law that has let illegal immigrants and foreign criminals stay because of their “right to a family life”.

In a move that risks detonating a new explosive Coalition row, Mrs May will say she intends to change how British law interprets Article 8 of the European ­Convention of Human Rights.

This will seek to ensure it is applied in a “more balanced way”, sources said.

It follows a series of cases where ­foreign criminals have been able to use Article 8 to escape deportation.

These include a Caribbean drug dealer, who allegedly beat his partner and refused to pay child maintenance, and a Sri Lankan robber, who claimed the right to remain because of a girlfriend here.

They argue that they have been in ­Britain so long that they have a family or have built up a relationship here and it would be damaged by their removal.

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