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Internal energy market in doubt as 18 states face court
Date 03/10/2011 13:36  Author webmaster  Hits 1107  Language Global
• 03 OCT 2011


An exasperated EU energy commissioner gave his starkest warning yet that the EU's internal energy market may not meet its 2014 deadline, speaking at a Brussels conference last week.

"I have to be quite open with you," Günther Oettinger told an audience of businessmen and diplomats on 29 September. "I have some doubts as to whether the [2014] goal is achievable by that deadline."

Oettinger also announced that the European Commission would begin infringement proceedings against 18 member states which had not adopted the EU's third energy package, six months after the official deadline.

"We are very disturbed to see that there seems to be a certain amount of hesitation among all member states," Oettinger said.

"Unfortunately, the same representative, the same minister who approves a package in the [European] Council does not push the implementation of that package through," he lamented.

EU member states which have not begun to transpose legislation yet include: Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom.

But an EU official later told EurActiv that as many as 20 member states could be included in the final Brussels action.

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