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Pollard: We must regain right to kick our foreign criminals
Date 30/06/2011 15:01  Author webmaster  Hits 1194  Language Global
30 JUN 2011

By Stephen Pollard | Daily Express

ONE of the most widely accepted definitions of a sovereign state is the ability to determine who is allowed to enter and stay in a country.

On that basis, the United Kingdom is no longer a sovereign state. We are now simply a vassal of unelected foreign judges, who determine some of the most basic areas of British law, whose decision is final and who care not a jot for the views of the British people. On Tuesday a panel of seven judges of the European Court of Human Rights decided unanimously to uphold the right of two Somali criminals to remain in the UK, banning the attempt by the Border Agency to deport them. The two men, whose crimes include burglary, drug dealing, robbery and threats to kill, will be allowed to remain indefinitely in the UK.

Their human rights, the judges said, would be infringed if they were sent back to Somalia because it is a dangerous place and there is a possibility they might face “inhuman or degrading treatment”. As if to add insult to injury, these low-life crooks were awarded £20,000 in “costs and expenses” – money which you and I will have to hand over to them through our taxes. And as if that is not enough, they will now be free to walk the streets and carry on their life of crime.

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