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Danish Opposition to Euro Rises in Poll
Date 22/06/2011 22:06  Author webmaster  Hits 1215  Language Global
22 JUN 2011

By Christian Wienberg | Bloomberg

Danish opposition to joining the euro rose to a record high as the currency bloc’s debt crisis made voters favor the krone, according to a poll published by Danske Bank A/S.
The lead of the ‘no’ bloc widened to 16.5 percentage points to reach 56.7 percent in June, compared with a 9.9 point lead in March, according to the poll released today by Denmark’s biggest bank and conducted by Copenhagen-based Statistics Denmark. The poll puts opposition to the euro at the highest since the currency was introduced in 1999.

Danes, who rejected the euro in a 2000 referendum, have grown more skeptical of euro adoption as Greece’s debt plight puts Europe’s single currency through its toughest test since its inception 12 years ago. The region’s monetary union may not survive as taxpayers in Germany balk at the prospect of bailing out governments that failed to comply with Europe’s fiscal rules, the Centre for Economics and Business Research said yesterday.

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