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Europe braced for MEPs` expenses storm
Date 22/06/2011 22:05  Author webmaster  Hits 1072  Language Global
22 JUN 2011

Publication of suppressed report could undermine efforts to deal with eurozone debt crisis

By Oliver Wright | The Independent

The European Parliament will today back down and order the release of a secret report detailing the widespread abuse of expenses by MEPs, The Independent has learnt.

A meeting of senior MEPs is expected to accept a European Court of Justice ruling that there is an "overriding public interest in disclosure".

The decision could have far-reaching consequences for transparency within the European Parliament and wider European Union institutions. It will increase pressure on the parliament to publish more details of the expenses claims of MEPs including their travel expenditure, attendance records and the highly controversial €4,300 (£3,800) "go anywhere" budget given to members.

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