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Let Greece go bust and leave euro, urges Boris Johnson
Date 20/06/2011 15:20  Author webmaster  Hits 1130  Language Global
20 JUN 2011

BBC News

Britain should not be expected to contribute to a second bail-out of the Greek economy, Boris Johnson has said.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the Conservative mayor of London said Greece should be allowed to default on its debts and leave the euro.

Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to a second bail-out to keep the country afloat.

But they have postponed a £10bn EU/IMF loan until further austerity measures are introduced.

The Greek government expects a second rescue package to be similar in size to the first one just over a year ago.


UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage warned against contributing further towards a fresh Greek bail-out.

"The UK is a contributor to the IMF, so already UK money is being used indirectly to bail out Greece," he said.

"In terms of throwing more money at the problem, how can the government expect British taxpayers to put up with that when at home they are enduring pay freezes or job losses?

"A fresh bailout for Greece should not involve the UK. Repeated transfusions will not resuscitate a corpse and the euro is dead."

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