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17 million more to swamp open-door UK
Date 09/06/2011 18:52  Author webmaster  Hits 1105  Language Global
9 JUN 2011

By Anil Dawar | Daily Express

BRITAIN will squeeze in 79 million people by 2060 to become the most heavily populated country in the EU, experts warned yesterday.

Despite being far smaller than Germany and France, the UK will leapfrog them in population size and add 17 million citizens because of immigration and soaring numbers of pensioners.

The figures, published by EU statisticians, revealed an estimated 27 per cent rise which will fuel concerns that public services will be overwhelmed.

They underline warnings about the UK’s ticking pensions timebomb by showing that the number of people who are 65 and older is set to rocket from 11.8 million to almost 20 million.

But net immigration – the number entering the country minus those leaving – will still be the main driver for population growth.

The EU statistical office, Eurostat, says more than half the UK increase – 10 million people – will be as a direct consequence of immigration.

The statistics will add to mounting anger over Britain’s open-door immigration policy. According to official figures, 1,440 migrants currently move here every day.

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