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EU court orders MEPs to publish report on expenses
Date 08/06/2011 21:46  Author webmaster  Hits 1426  Language Global
8 JUN 2011

By Carol Coulter | Irish Times

THE GENERAL Court of the EU ruled yesterday that an Irish lawyer was entitled to an auditor’s report into the European Parliament’s financial affairs. The ruling is seen as having wide implications for transparency within the EU.

It had earlier refused access to the report on the grounds it was “a sensitive matter followed with great interest by the media”.

The general court is attached to the European Court of Justice. Its decisions can be appealed to the court of justice.

Barrister Ciarán Toland is a specialist in EU law and a pro-EU activist, having campaigned in favour of the Nice and Lisbon treaties, and was a director of the European Movement Ireland for five years.

In June 2008, he wrote to the European Parliament seeking a copy of the internal auditor’s report for 2006, including the report on the parliamentary assistance allowance drawn up by Robert Galvin and known as the Galvin report.

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