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NATO extends Libya operations to September
Date 01/06/2011 15:05  Author webmaster  Hits 988  Language Global
1 JUN 2011

By Peter Graff and David Brunnstrom

TRIPOLI/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - NATO said on Wednesday it had extended its Libyan mission for a further 90 days, after Muammar Gaddafi made it clear he would not step down, dashing hopes of a negotiated end to the uprising against his rule.

The 28-member alliance originally took over a campaign of air strikes, the enforcement of a no-fly zone and an arms embargo on Libya, to protect rebellious civilians from attack by Gaddafi's forces, in late March for 90 days.

"NATO and partners have just decided to extend our mission for Libya for another 90 days," NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a statement.

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