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Western special forces spotted in Libya
Date 31/05/2011 16:29  Author webmaster  Hits 1048  Language Global
31 MAY 2011

The Age

WESTERN special forces appear to have been filmed on the front line in Libya, in what al-Jazeera TV said was "evidence for the first time of allied boots on the ground".

A group of six Westerners are clearly visible in the report by al-Jazeera from Dafniya, described as the westernmost point of the rebel lines west of the town of Misrata. Five of them are armed and wear informal sand-coloured clothes, peaked caps and cotton Arab scarves.

The sixth, apparently the most senior, carries no visible weapon and wears a pink, short-sleeved shirt. It is possible he is an intelligence officer. The group is seen talking to rebels and then quickly leaving on being spotted.

The reporter, Tony Birtley, a veteran war correspondent, said: "Here a group of armed foreigners, possibly British, are seen liaising with the fighters. It could be to facilitate forthcoming helicopter attacks."

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