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Easing migration into the EU: Has the EU gone mad?
Date 29/05/2011 23:21  Author webmaster  Hits 1044  Language Global
29 MAY 2011

By Chris Slay | European Recruitment Agency

I have just read a nonsense article from the European Union on suggestions to ease migration into the EU and amounts to getting a machine gun and riddling the feet of the existing membership. In economic terms the idea is lunacy and misguided in terms of priorities.

The first job is for national governments to provide environments that encourage the recruitment of the employable first within its national boundaries and secondly within the existing membership.

The second aspect to tackle, is how to make the currently unemployable useful and contributing members of society. I’m not talking about the genuinely sick and disabled that deserve society's support but the work shy and those without in demand skills. Let’s devote money to support policies and actions that make it socially and economically unattractive to lie in your featherbed.

It’s exactly the same argument as foreign aid; put your own house in order before reaching out to others. I find it offensive that the burgeoning economies like India still get hand outs from places like the UK, as if the globe was still 60% red.

We need to wake up to the new reality in Europe.

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