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Rally Against Debt Was a Success
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18 MAY 2011

By Jacob Patch | Independence Home

This has been my first chance to post on here since returning from London and escaping the Westminster Village I have grown to love but also yearn to change. To say it was a hectic period of time is a massive understatement.

As one of the organisers, along with the Young Independence chairman Harry Aldridge and adviser to the Farage Annabelle Fuller, I am going to of course speak from a biased view. But my view it is nonetheless that I am immensely proud of what we achieved on Saturday and look on with excitement to the future of the cause.

I know that the left have been (and were always going to) rally their online troops in a collective Facebook, Twitter, Blog and press hate campaign, but what I am surprised about is the level of desperation they have reached on this. The hashtag and nearly every left wing blog has features this, reporting the event as a spectacular failure. A spectacular failure that spent the lions share of Saturday 14th May on the BBC homepage no less.

Every paper from the Guardian to the Telegraph were lining up to interview the organisers and the attendees at the event. The BBC were out in their full force and the press coverage at the result was in my opinion was very positive. Nigel Farage said words to the effect that with next to no time and sod all money what we have achieved was amazing.

This is not an article to glorify my position but what has to be remembered is that this event went from conception to execution in 6 weeks. Within those six short weeks we had the Royal Wedding, the Alternative Vote referendum and local elections which hampered how much we could promote. We were also perhaps foolishly chose the date on the eve of exam season.

We had the help of the almighty TaxPayers Alliance with organisation and without their able assistance with their absolutely magnificent press and media department, the promotion would have been slim pickings. And without such people as Emma Bennett and Maria fort (of the TPA) doing much of the heavy lifting then the event would never ran have swiftly as it did. We also have to say a massive thank you to ‘The Freedom Association’ for their promotion and for having so many to be stewards at the event and perhaps most importantly their words of advice on this event and the possibility of future meetings.

The speakers were in my view absolutely magnificent. I don’t think this would be a good IndHome article if I didn’t mention that Nigel Farage was in my view the greatest of all the attendees. His talks on the state of the Eurozone and Great Britain’s liability to bailouts of failed nations achieved the most enthusiastic rounds of applauses and cheers. Mark Littlewood enlighted us with cold hard facts and stated the seriousness of the situation. Given his knowledge of economics and his position of director general at the ‘Institute of Economic Affairs’ I think there is few daring enough to argue with these. Martin Durkin lightened the mood with his fun and interesting facts about national debt. Anyone who wants to be more enlightened to the seriousness of national debt can and must go on Youtube to watch his magnificent documentary ‘Britains Trillion Pound Horror Story’. Bill Cash MP gave us a really inspiring talk focussed on the European Union, with his position as the chair of the European Scrutiny Select Committee he is well read on it. I enjoyed Priti Patel MP’s Euroskeptic talk, she is one of the up and coming budding new conservative MP’s. Maths extraordinare and director of The TaxPayers Alliance Matthew Sinclaire gave us more cold hard facts.

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