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UK`s first UKIP council `will put town on map`
Date 17/05/2011 13:53  Author webmaster  Hits 1232  Language Global
17 MAY 2011

By Andrew Dickens | Cambridge News

The country’s first UKIP-controlled town council has declared it will “put Ramsey on the map” with a set of radical community initiatives.

UKIP won nine out of 17 seats in the Ramsey Town Council elections on May 5, adding to the Cambridgeshire County Council seat and two out of three Huntingdonshire District Council seats it already held in the town.

Now the group wants to set up a monthly youth council, revitalise voluntary groups, tackle anti-social behaviour and increase tourism.

If proposals go ahead, the youth council would consist of youngsters from four Ramsey schools would even have control of its own budget.

Newly-elected Ramsey mayor Cllr Lisa Duffy said that she hoped the new priorities would leave a strong legacy in the town.

Cllr Duffy said: “I envisage a youth town council which will take children from Ramsey schools and sit them down to make decisions separate from the town council every month.

“I feel it is important to get youngsters involved in the democratic process.

“I would chair the meetings, give some of our budget for them to control and help them to make important decisions.

“I also want to revitalise the voluntary sector of the community. The more people we get involved in the town, the more of a difference we can make.”

Cllr Peter Reeve, UKIP group leader on the district  council and a Ramsey town councillor, said: “What we sensed was that the old town council in Ramsey hadn’t listened to people.

“Residents see us as the real voice of the ordinary person in the street.”

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