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Unforseen evils of uncontrolled immigration to UK
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16 MAY 2011

By Leo McKinstry | Daily Express

It was one of the most revealing admissions ever made by a New Labour apparatchik.

In 2009 the former Downing Street aide Andrew Neather boasted that the desire to transform Britain through mass immigration had not only been a “driving political purpose” of the Labour government but had also been motivated by the desire to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity.” With those words, Neather exposed the utter treachery and cynicism at the heart of the Labour party.

Their approach represented an act of national destruction unparalleled in British history. Our social cohesion has been torn apart, with too many British citizens made to feel like aliens in their own land. In their determination to impose this radical change, Labour Ministers adopted a mix of bullying and propaganda. On one hand, they constantly extolled the unalloyed joys of multiculturalism. On the other, they hurled accusations of racism against anyone who wanted to protect our national identity. Now the disastrous consequences of uncontrolled immigration can be seen all around us, from the prominence of the burka on the streets of Bradford to the gangland warfare in south London.

Another graphic symbol of this revolution has been the revival of witchcraft in our midst. Such primitive customs were supposed to have disappeared from Britain centuries ago. They should belong to the superstitious barbarism of a distant past, yet now, thanks to immigration, they have reappeared in Britain. According to a new independent study, police and child protection officers fear that there may be hundreds of witchcraft cases where children are thought to be possessed and therefore have to be beaten, starved or even tortured to drive out the “evil spirits”.

Such horrifying abuse is usually perpetrated by the relatives or guardians, most of whom hail from the strife-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Tragically it is children with mental or physical disabilities who are at the greatest risk. Such horrifying practices should have absolutely no place in modern Britain, but this is what the enthusiasts for “rich cultural diversity” have inflicted on us. The lethal consequences of this brave new world were shockingly illustrated by the case of Victoria Climbie, the African girl who endured an appalling regime of torture from her guardians before she finally died from systematic abuse in February 2000.

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