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Die Zeit calls for a referendum on the euro
Date 11/05/2011 22:14  Author webmaster  Hits 1177  Language Global
11 MAY 2011


Just as American economists have predicted, the euro has become a divisive rather than a unifying force in Europe, remarks Die Zeit.

"The North no longer wants to be paymaster, while the South wants to get rid of its taskmaster.” From a German perspective, German tax revenue is financing a life of luxury in Ireland, while the Irish complain that they are being forced to cut costs to save German banks. Eurosceptic parties are doing better than ever, as are nationalists, populists and other Cassandras. "History is not a linear process," warns the Hamburg daily, and "Europe could fall apart in the same way that it was united, if it remains an elitist project that does not involve Europe’s citizens, which is not on the agenda for proper democratic debate." Now that –

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