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Denmark`s immigration laws save country £6 billion
Date 05/05/2011 14:47  Author webmaster  Hits 1550  Language Global
05 MAY 2011
Denmark has called for stricter immigration laws after a report concluded that the country's already stringent regime had saved the country £6 billion over the past 10 years.

By Matthew Day | The Telegraph

has some of the tightest immigration regulations in the EU and the report, based on the findings from five ministries, found they had saved the tax payer millions of pounds that would have been spent on social assistance and housing for immigrants from outside the EU.

"Now that we can see that it does matter who comes into the country, I have no scruples in further restricting those who one can suspect will be a burden on Denmark," Soren Pind, the centre-right liberal integration minister, told the newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

He added that he was willing to let more people who could make a positive contribution to the economy into Denmark.

The report found immigrants from non-western countries and their decedents cost the country £1.8 billion a year while those from western countries contributed to the economy.

Denmark has around 320,000 immigrants and their descendants from non-western countries, which constitute 5.9 per cent of the country's 5.4-million strong population.

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