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EU flag rule: Big fines if our public buildings fail to mark Europe Day
Date 04/05/2011 14:29  Author webmaster  Hits 1557  Language Global
04 MAY 2011

Macer Hall | Daily Express

EUROCRATS last night faced an angry revolt over attempts to force Britain to celebrate the EU’s Europe Day next week.

Scores of public buildings around the country are being ordered to fly the blue-and-gold European Union flag to mark the occasion next Monday.

Officials will be expected to ensure the flag remains hoisted for a week, with a swingeing fine from Brussels threatened for those that disobey.

Astonishingly, they even have to take a photograph of the flag flying and email it to the European Commission to ensure the regulations are being observed.

Schools are also being sent instructions from the European Parliament on how to celebrate Europe Day. Recommendations include assemblies with an EU theme for all pupils and even setting up a European Cafe that only accepts euros.

Last night Tory Cabinet Minister Eric Pickles savaged Brussels bureaucrats for ordering his Whitehall office to fly the EU flag.

He said: “Not only is it unacceptable to threaten to fine people for not flying a flag, this is unnecessary and pointless red tape. The European Union should be focusing on ensuring that taxpayers are receiving value for money, and clamping down on fraud and corruption in EU-funded projects.”

Other critics last night rubbished the “pointless waste” of time and money.

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