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EU budget hike lands UK with £10bn bill
Date 23/04/2011 23:19  Author webmaster  Hits 1532  Language Global
23 APR 2011

By Martyn Brown | Daily Express

CHANCELLOR George Osborne led a furious attack on EU bureaucrats last night after they demanded hard-pressed British families stump up an extra £600million to fund a huge budget hike.

The inflation-busting 4.9 per cent rise will see the UK’s overall contribution to the European Union surge towards a colossal £10billion next year – the equivalent of almost £400 for every household in the country.

But Mr Osborne branded the move “completely unacceptable” and said those behind the budget proposal needed “a reality check”.

The brazen demand proved that the juggernaut of EU excess continues regardless of the financial crisis crippling the eurozone.

UK taxpayers are already facing the prospect of having to fork out a further £6billion to help bail out debt-ridden Portugal, while also dishing out £3billion to help ailing Ireland.

This means Britons could have to pay out £19billion over two years, when many taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet and facing widespread public ­service cutbacks.

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