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Foreign aid farce costs Britain £1.4bn
Date 18/04/2011 14:23  Author webmaster  Hits 1520  Language Global
18 APR 2011

By Alison Little | Daily Express

BRITAIN is pouring more than £1.4 billion into EU overseas aid projects which waste money on useless schemes and support for corrupt regimes, it was claimed yesterday.

The think-tank Open Europe has produced a highly critical report showing money had been lavished on ludicrous projects.

They included:

Funding for Belgians to give dance lessons in Burkina Faso despite half the population living on 70p a day.

An £8.8million centre in Mali to help people get legal jobs in the EU – which found work for only six people in three years.

A medical centre in Sierra Leone which was largely unused and had hundreds of hospital beds donated by the UN left outside to rot.

The report also claimed huge sums had gone straight into the coffers of governments whose record on human rights has been internationally condemned.

They include Malawi which recently drafted a law to criminalise flatulence in public places, restrict media freedom and punish homosexuals with up to 14 years hard labour. Its president bought a multi-million pound presidential jet after a transfer of EU aid although more than 60 per cent of the people live on less than £1 a day.

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