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Fury as EU migrants carry out 500 crimes every week in Britain
Date 12/04/2011 16:28  Author webmaster  Hits 1108  Language Global
12 APR 2011

By Macer Hall | Daily Express

CRIMINALS from other European Union nations are being convicted of more than 500 offences a week in the UK, disturbing police figures showed yesterday.

Poles and Romanians were among the worst cases, raising fresh concerns about the wisdom of expanding the EU eastwards.

The overwhelming majority of the foreign crooks could not be sent home after serving prison sentences because their deportation has been forbidden under Brussels freedom-of-movement laws.

Last night, the revelation of the EU crime wave ignited fresh anger at the collapse of border controls caused by laws from Brussels.

Paul Nuttall, a UK Independence Party Euro-MP, said: “A sovereign nation should be able to decide who is allowed to live within its borders and who is not.

“If somebody commits a crime here, they should be booted out.”

Figures released by the Association of Chief Police Officers following a Freedom of Information request show that more than 54,000 criminals from EU countries have been convicted in the last two years.

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