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Nigel Farage: Britain has `historically` been a beacon of light
Date 10/04/2011 23:37  Author webmaster  Hits 1365  Language Global
10 APR 2011

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Nigel Farage said that he agreed with some aspects of Andrew Mitchell's comments that Britain was a "beacon of light" in terms of democracy and human rights, but that thought there were areas where Britain had gone wrong.

He told Radio 5live this morning: "Historically, when it comes to liberty, freedom and a fair judicial system, we can hold our heads high and say that we have had one of the best and one of the fairest systems, where the citizen has had real protection against the state.

"However, where I think this has gone rather wrong is that over the last ten of fifteen years, we have substituted all those things that we have enjoyed for centuries with a new, European state given code of human rights which seems to have turned the whole thing on its head. The feeling most people have now is that the victims of crime have less rights than those who perpetrate the crime."

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