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McKinstry: Nick Clegg`s out of his depth
Date 03/04/2011 17:38  Author webmaster  Hits 1039  Language Global
03 APR 2011

By Leo McKinstry | Sunday Express

DAVID Cameron caused uproar last week by describing Ed Balls, the loud-mouthed, swivel-eyed Shadow Chancellor, as “the most annoying man in British politics”.

Yet if Cameron wanted to name the most asinine man in British politics, he would only have to look at his own Deputy Prime Minister. For Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg has emerged as a major liability for the coalition, an obstacle to sensible governance.

In almost every field, from foreign affairs to the economy, he is coming up with absurd, ideologically driven policies which can only damage Britain and the administration he’s meant to support.

When the coalition was established last May, Clegg played a heroic role. It would have been so easy for him to remain in the Lib-Dems’ traditional left-wing comfort zone, clinging to the arid purity of opposition, but Clegg bravely forced his party to face up to the challenges of power, especially in the task of rebuilding the public finances after years of Labour profligacy. Now, however, he shows every sign of sliding back into the classic Lib-Dem stance of irresponsibility.

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