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Watch `Inside Job` - The Wall Street Horror Movie, For Free
Date 03/04/2011 17:26  Author webmaster  Hits 1311  Language Global
03 APR 2011

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge

Courtesy of Open Culture, Inside Job, the scariest Wall Street "horror movie" ever produced can now be seen for free. Charles Ferguson's masterpiece is a must watch for anyone and everyone who has even a passing interest in the intersection of finance, economics, politics, corruption, crime, complacency and above all, the human inability to predict the future when the only driving force is pure greed. And as Open Culture notes, "Inside Job can be purchased on DVD at Amazon. We all love free, but let’s remember that good projects cost real money to develop, and they could use real financial support. So please consider buying a copy." We can only hope that more commentators ilke Ferguson will step up and present the criminal events leading to the greatest economic and market crash since the Great Depression.

Watch "Inside Job"