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UKIP: ahead of the curve on tax
Date 23/03/2011 16:02  Author webmaster  Hits 1210  Language Global
23 MAR 2011

Michael Heaver's Blog

The government's plan to put into action the UKIP policy of rolling National Insurance into Income Tax is telling. Even more telling is the fact that both the Institute for Public Policy Research and the Adam Smith Institute, two groups who usually hold opposing views, both agree with the move. And the fact that 57% of those polled support the move (with 21% undecided) shows that this was another policy where UKIP had its finger on the pulse.

Its time for some credit to be given. UKIP is not just ahead of the curve on the EU, but on issues like immigration, education and now tax. The public have already been shown to back UKIP's policies on these issues when polled, and now it looks like the experts are as well.

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