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Libya: British fighter jets get ready for war
Date 18/03/2011 14:26  Author webmaster  Hits 1487  Language Global
18 MAR 2011

British forces will take part in military operations against Colonel Gaddafi’s regime in Libya, David Cameron has said.

By James Kirkup, Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor,
Jon Swaine in New York and Richard Spencer in Tripoli  | The Telegraph

RAF warplanes will be in place “in the coming hours”, the Prime Minister told MPs.

As Gaddafi’s forces regain ground from rebel forces, Britain “cannot stand back” and let the Libyan dictator kill his people indiscriminately, he said.

“Any decision to put the men and women of our armed services in harm’s way should only ever be taken when it’s absolutely necessary,” Mr Cameron said. “But we simply can not stand back and let a dictator whose people have rejected him, kill his people indiscriminately.”

RAF Tornadoes and Typhoons will take part in operations over Libya, Mr Cameron said. British refuelling and reconnaissance aircraft will also be deployed.

“In the coming hours they will move to airbases where they can start to take the necessary action,” he said.

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